Types of Rooibos Tea

Because rooibos tea is rarer than black tea or green tea, there are fewer rooibos tea varieties available. But the incredible flavor of those select types of rooibos tea will never cease to impress you, and there is a perfect type for every tea lover. There are three main types of rooibos tea: rooibos tea, green rooibos tea, and flavored rooibos teas. Rooibostea.com offers a wide selection of all three rooibos tea varieties, and to help you make an educated decision, please read our guide to rooibos teas.

The "Original" Rooibos Tea

The most popular type of rooibos tea is the one it gets its name from-"red bush" tea, named for the color of the Aspalathus Linearis leaves after they have undergone oxidation and fermentation treatments. This tea is a rich red color when brewed, and has a delightful sweet and nutty flavor. Because it lacks the tannins of teas taken from the Camellia Sinensis plant (black tea, green tea, white tea and oolong tea), rooibos has less of an astringent flavor and is very pleasing to almost all tea enthusiasts. Rooibos tea tastes best on its own, but many people also enjoy it with a bit of honey or sugar and milk. It's also wonderful as an iced tea or mixed in with fruit juices.

Green Rooibos Tea

Though all rooibos tea varieties are healthy and full of antioxidants, efforts were made to make the tea even healthier. When rooibos tea leaves are oxidized and fermented, they lose many of their antioxidants and nutrients. Green rooibos tea is made from unfermented leaves and contains twice as many antioxidants as regular rooibos tea.

Green rooibos tea has a lighter color than regular rooibos tea and a more delicate herbal taste than its heartier cousin. With the increased level of nutrients and antioxidants, green rooibos tea is quickly becoming one of the most popular rooibos tea varieties on the market.

Flavored Rooibos Tea

Both regular and green rooibos teas have a delectable flavor, but now tea producers are combining rooibos with a variety of flavors that complement the tea's core flavor. Some of the different flavored rooibos tea varieties are:

  • Rooibos Mint
  • Rooibos Vanilla
  • Rooibos Camomile
  • Rooibos Caramel
  • Rooibos Tiramisu

These are only a few of the irresistible flavor combinations popular right now, and more are always being developed.

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