Relaxing with Rooibos Tea

In our work-focused modern world, it may be difficult at times to relax. But without adequate amounts of rest and sleep, stressed bodies begin to work poorly-people lose focus, get sick, and are often irritable. Just a few minutes per day of quality time can do wonders to relieve everyday stresses and rejuvenate the body. Using rooibos tea for relaxation has been around for centuries in its native South Africa, but it is quickly becoming a popular option for people all over the world. The calming effects of rooibos tea are undeniable for most tea drinkers, but there is scientific reasoning behind the feeling rooibos enthusiasts get after each drink.

Naturally decaffeinated

One of the main calming effects of rooibos tea is its natural decaffeination. While many people rave about the low caffeine levels in popular green and white teas, rooibos tea contains no caffeine, which makes it an even better choice for a stress relieving elixir. Drinking rooibos tea for relaxation works best because caffeinated beverages-even those with a small amount of caffeine, like green tea-awaken the mind rather than soothe it.

Over the past few years, rooibos tea has been proven to reduce insomnia in its drinkers, which makes it even more promising to enjoy rooibos tea for relaxation.


Rooibos tea contains anti-spasmodic substances that help relieve stomach cramps and tension. One of the calming effects of rooibos tea, is its ability to relax the muscles and release any tension, especially in the stomach. Sometimes people lay tensely in bed at night, unable to sleep, and drinking rooibos tea before bed may help to relieve some of this tension so that sleep becomes possible.

How to enjoy your rooibos tea

One of the best ways to reap the calming effects of rooibos tea is to form a small daily ritual around making and drinking your tea. After putting on the water to boil, mentally unwind or meditate until the water boils, and then do the same when you are allowing the tea to steep. Drink your tea slowly and let its warmth fill your entire body with each sip. As you drink, consciously tell yourself to let go of the day's worries and transition into a more relaxed state.

Drinking rooibos tea for relaxation does not need to be a long or difficult task; instead, it can be a fulfilling part of your day that truly soothes your body and mind.

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